As we start to cast our resolutions for the year to come, it’s time to suit up, stand tall and get serious because it’s Capricorn Season! Capricorn is CEO energy personified. Ruled by Saturn – the planet of boundaries, rules and responsibilities – this zodiac sign reminds us of the power of a goal, clear direction and an execution plan. However, don’t be fooled by Capricorn's serious demeanor, underneath it all is a sensitive soul. This zodiac teaches us that you can be both ambitious but practical, persistent and realistic, all at the same time with grace and compassion.

In perfect Capricorn form, on January 2, we have a new moon in Capricorn to set our intentions under and decide which mountains we want to climb in 2022. Just in time for our first Mercury Retrograde of the year on January 14, which will weed out the pretenders. How can you prepare? Find your sign and find out.