A Guide to Vintage Shops in Los Angeles

Los Angeles has been described as 27 suburbs acting as a city – one that has been rooted in the creative film and TV industries all contributing to the city’s expressive, one-of-a-kind style. To fuel the wardrobes of its fashion-inclined inhabitants, L.A is scattered with diverse thrifting opportunities for every style and budget. If you’re willing to do some sifting for the best price, head to a classic donation-based store like Goodwill, Out of the Closet or St. Vincent de Paul. Or try one of L.A.’s coveted flea markets like The Rose Bowl or Melrose Trading Post. For more curated finds, check out a vintage shop or dealer that’s already done the digging for you. Whether you’re hunting down a jacket crafted from a 1930s quilt or faded souvenir tees from the 90s, L.A.’s vintage scene has a little something for everyone. Here are a few of MOTHER’s favorites.