Your November Horoscope

It’s time to put on a dark and moody outfit, queue your favorite punk/rock tracks and question anyone who tells you you’re being “too intense” — it’s Scorpio season, baby.

Scorpio energy is loyal, honest, fearless and driven by the truth. It reminds us to harness our unstoppable nature and let our ambition lead the way. Ruled by Pluto — the planet of transformation — Scorpio reminds us that it truly is darkest before the dawn, so during this zodiac season, all things taboo are designed to rise.

We also have some pretty epic transits coming up this Scorpio season too. Namely, on November 5, when both Venus enters Capricorn and Mercury enters Scorpio. This planetary movement asks us to reevaluate our life goals and initiate a chain of events that gets us ready for 2022. Find your sign and see what this means for you.