Carolyn Murphy's Guide to Ojai

Take the 101 north out of L.A. and head east on the 33 and you’ll find yourself in one of California’s most -magical retreats and one of our favorite spots: Ojai. A quiet town nestled at the foothills of Los Padres National Forest, Ojai has provided a spiritual and picturesque retreat for city dwellers and enlightenment-seekers alike. With plenty of hiking trails, creeks to wade in and the ocean just 30 minutes west, there’s plenty Ojai has to offer based on location alone, but that’s just the start — the town itself is brimming with charm. With mid-century inspired accommodations, a gas station reimagined as a yoga studio, a farmers market with fresh seasonal produce and local jams, honeys and olive oils, you’ll be surprised by how much there is to uncover in this sleepy Ventura County town. For an insider’s look into all things Ojai, we asked model, MOTHER collaborator and ex-resident Carolyn Murphy for the best places to stay and things to do.