Helene Henderson became a chef almost by accident. She was still a teenager when she left her home in northern Sweden for New York City, where she cobbled together a living through modeling and retail jobs. After following friends to Los Angeles, Henderson’s career with food began to unfold organically: she hosted a wildly successful dinner party with a friend; then friends of friends started asking her to cook for them. When she opened her charming, ocean-facing restaurant Malibu Farm in 2013, she still harvested all the produce and eggs from her own backyard farm. Even as her restaurant expanded, she maintained the fresh-from-the-garden feel. Here, she shares a simple, holiday-ready dish from her new cookbook, Malibu Farm: from Sunset-to-Sunrise: a festive green-and-red bean salad dressed with intense citrus. Watch her prepare the dish on social, along with a medley of grains, leeks, cranberries and almonds served inside miniature pumpkins; and a pumpkin-chocolate-brioche pudding topped with a golden tequila cream sauce.